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Sanady for patients support is an interactive platform aiming to provide secure environment for the patients and their families, by allowing them to share their experiences with other patients and their families to support each others.

We believe that sharing these hard times and all related feelings and experiences will help the patients and their families to accommodate and get over these conditions.

We aim at Sanady for patients support to build Arabic specialized platform for patients where they can get psychological support by other patients and family members who gone through the same experience, while their privacy and identities are protect and which might be reflected on their treatment outcomes.

We hope that in the future we will be able to create a database for Arab patients and put it in the service of patients related research, and share these data with pharmaceutical company and future partners, with main focus on patients' advocacy groups.

In Sanady, Patients are our center of focus, and we hope to provide them with interactive services so they can follow up the development of their disease, drugs they are receiving through guiding them to build their own patient profile, which they can print and show them to their doctor on their visits, this is will guarantee more information provided to the doctor and this will help doctors to make better treatment decision. "How do you feel today?" tool will be used to collect day to day disease related information entered by the patient to evaluate his/her psychological or clinical outcomes. Our main goal at Sanady for patient support is to provide the best clinical practice and develop concept related to patients' support and follow up at the Arab world. Finally, Sanady does not aim replace doctor or specialist consultation, but aim to work as their supporter.

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